Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Because of Mr. Terupt

The start of fifth grade is never an easy one at Snow Hill School. This book encompasses several characters including a new girl named Jessica who is having a difficult time fitting in, ALexia, a bully one minute and your best friend the next; Peter, a troublemakers; Luke, the brain; Danielle, who rarely stands up for herself when she is bullied and shy Anna who is an outcast. 

Mr. Terupt, the fifth grade teacher knows how to deal with each individual in his one funny, sensible and unique way. This particular teacher is extremely creative and aware of each student unlike the "mean old fats" that don't put up with the students tricks. Through a variety of life lessons, this novel briefly narrates these individual students in their own voice. 

The characters are authentic in each of the short chapters, some even less then a page. It's a skillfully arranged novel allowing readers to move towards a very satisfying and beautiful conclusion. It's a must read for students, teachers and families.