Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wonder by R. J. Palacio

Have you heard of this new novel called Wonder by RJ Palacio? It's been the huge rage in many of my library course's in graduate school, just like when The Hunger Games came out. It's not a series but it's a novel that will def give you a new perspective on a 10 year old boys journey about his how people view him. He isn't a normal looking boy. He seems himself as ordinary despite his facial deformity.

Curious about the novel? Watch the book trailer below :) 

Check out this book at your local library or your nearest bookstore! When you're done reading it let me know! I'd love to have a discussion about it. For me, I couldn't put it down from page 1 until page 308!

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  1. Thanks lady for all of your suggestions! I haven't read any of them (epic fail!) but I've been frequenting the public library so will definitely check them out :)

    Happy Weekend, love :)