Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hello Friends

Hi everyone! For started I thought I would introduce myself to you if you don't already follow me on my other blog Fit, Fierce and Fabulous. On that blog I discuss various day to day activities that I'm doing such as planning my wedding, work out routines, recipe ideas and many more. I'm a "librarian in training" meaning that I'm attending graduate school and hoping to be a librarian either in an Elementary school or in the public setting working with children or teens.
Books and reading have always been number one in my life. No really! Ever since I was a child my mother always brought me to our local public library and I checked out as many books as my 5 year old fingers get  a hold of. I adore story time and making new "friends" (aka the children's librarians) and of course looking over the displays that were constantly changing throughout the building.

As I grew older in my teen years, books became not only something of a way to escape the present but also like friends. I began to learn about the world around me both in my community as well as outside the United States. I "met" new characters and learned their strengths, triumphs, heartbreaks and family relationships. So many stories and not enough time to get through them all.

During college my love of reading for pleasure dwindling since school took up most of my time but when I graduated two years with a degree in Elementary Education I knew that I really wanted to spend more time reading and teaching children to develop the same devotion that I had to the novels I read. I enrolled in a 2 year program at a school about an hour from my house and have been enjoying it ever since.

On the blog I'll be featuring several things including

  • Book Reviews for both Children, Teens and Adults
  • Guest posts from other blogger who have love to read
  • A possible book club that discusses a particular book during the beginning of each month
  • Various website articles/ideas for school librarians to look at
  • Various website articles/ideas for public librarians to view
  • Your thoughts and opinions about certain books/genres/e-readers and more
I can't wait to get this started and hope you'll share with friends, students or colleagues. 

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  1. I'm so excited, Cait! Glad you are doing this! And waiting for a book assignment for your book club ;)
    xoxo, doll!