Sunday, September 18, 2011

Useful Blogs

After searching through several blogs, I came across two blogs that are significant in helping librarians in training, like myself.

The first blog I found is called The Daring Librarian. This blog has many useful tips such as their new 7 web ways to start a new school year. One of the great tips I found was starting a Tech Tips and Help Wiki page for parents and students to use.

The second blog is the The Dewey Blog. This helps librarians who may not be comfortable with everything that goes into the Dewey Decimal Classification system. There is also a small page that has FAQ about anything you may be curious about regarding DDC.


  1. I love useful blogs! I've especially been trying to find one about librarians, so I'm really glad I found yours and thank you for sharing these!

    Belly B

  2. I think you found some valuable blogs as well. The problem for me is making time to read them consistently.

  3. You might wanna check out today's blog giveaway winner! ;)

  4. wow thanks for the tips!

    I stumbled upon your blog and just wanted to say hi! Come on over and visit Color Issue...a blog all about color! I think you'll like it...


  5. you've been gone far too long, love. i hope everything's ok. xo

  6. Oh Cait, I just stumbled on this blog and got so excited - and then I saw you aren't writing on this one anymore. I am an English teacher/Librarian's daughter and I am always looking for resources.

    Perhaps at some point you'd think about writing again here? I've been working from time to time on a blog for technology and classroom resources, but I didn't know how to get it all out there. It'd be fun to team up. ;) Ok here I am, planning a long future together and I don't know you..

    Just wanted to say hi - found you from Tara's blog and going to jump onto the other one you have listed :)